BLUES DRIVER Mar-di Gras THROW DOWN Feb. 9th 2013

Feb 9th Poster8:00  at the Imlay City Eagles   170 S. Almont Ave. Imlay City Mi. 48444 phone 810 724 1954         or call Scotty at 810 338 0902      for more info

We are pleased to announce the return of  BLUES DRIVER  for 2013 with, a new show and, a new  ‘Friend of BLUES DRIVER’ !

‘The Preacher’ won`t be with us that night.  Our original drummer, Mike Blaskowski, has agreed to sit in until Craigs return. We are so pleased to have him back for this one.   This show will also feature the guitar and vocal styling s of one of the Midwests` greatest talents.  Joel Rydecki  is known, in the area, for his profound approach to the music and his instrument. This full time professional musician has played before thousands at a variety of venues,through out the region. Sitting in with many top acts ,writing for and fronting such bands as Me 3 Mind and currently fronting the group, Playing Mantis, this accomplished artist has earned the respect of those in the music industry and fans alike.He will be playing Guitar for us  and singing a few tunes that night and we are very excited to have him on board for this performance.  If you are a fan of his (or ours), come out and see what he does with our already unmistakeable sound.

BLUES DRIVER  w/ Jovial Rydecki   ‘Bringin` the Music’  DON`T MISS THIS ONE

WOW ! We had such a good time at this show.

Thanks so much to those of you who came out to this fantastic party. Jovial was in top form, bringing his talents to this venue, to the delight of all in attendance. We played quite a few ‘cover’ tunes that night. From the Doors to Clapton and a little Stevie Ray thrown in for good measure.  This was one of our best shows yet and one thing is for sure, everybody had ‘a real good time’. We were true to our mission and our fans. This is what we are most proud of.

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